Intelligence in the Design Process

IDPv2 @ AIIDE 2013; October 15.

The Second Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in the Game Design Process.
suggested theme: interactive and real-time design feedback


The Second Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in the Game Design Process (IDPv2) is a one-day event located at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. The workshop is held in conjunction with the Ninth Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment.

"Game AI" usually brings to mind control of opponents and other characters. However, we are interested in a different way that AI can intersect games—during the design process—and are excited to host a second AIIDE workshop on this topic. How can retrieval, inference, knowledge representation, learning, and search loosen the bottlenecks in the game design process? How can AI be put to use in ideation, prototyping, feedback, visualization, synthesis and verification of designed artifacts (puzzles/missions/maps/mechanics/stories/...)? How can AI provide assistance to game designers and/or share the creative responsibilities in design?

This workshop aims to be true to authentic game design concerns, operating outside of a strictly scientific perspective. Accordingly, input from a practitioner viewpoint (i.e. that of someone who makes game in either a professional or hobby capacity) is greatly valued. We seek deep problems and interesting solutions inspired by active design projects. This year's suggested theme asks participants to reflect on how to provide realtime and interactive feedback to designers.

In light of an emerging topic of surprisingly common interest at the previous iteration of the workshop, this iteration will adopt its first theme: interactive and real-time and design feedback. This theme should shape submissions and discussions, but it is not an exclusive focus.

Important Dates

  • Paper submission: July 3
  • Paper submission: July 12th
  • Notification to authors: August 6
  • Camera-ready deadline: August 16
  • AIIDE-13 early registration deadline: August 18
  • Workshop held: October 15